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We are a global running community that motivates and supports runners around the world. adidas brings together people sharing the same passion: running. In your hometown and across the globe, it’s a new movement in the running scene. adidas Runners stands not only for sweaty workouts, but also for celebrating together afterwards.

Become an Adidas Runner

What we offer
to make you a better runner

Professional Support

Running & fitness coaches, nutrition coaches, physiotherapeutic and sports medicine advice.

Bonus System

Members earn points for each run and workout, unlocking different levels.

Improve from one level to the next -

and reap double the rewards. You become stronger, faster and healthier – and are rewarded for your development. After each level, a treat awaits you.

These are your captains
Sajeh & Karl

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To get the most out of every run, we provide you with different coaches for technique, competition preparation, interval training and tempo units.

Strength and mobility

Our strength coaches work with you to maintain a stable core and strengthen all the muscles that are important to your performance as a runner. We want you to be in top shape so that your risk of injury is minimal and you can always enjoy running.


Only a healthy body can set new records. Our nutrition coaches will give you personally tailored dietary recommendations for your nutrition plan, especially when preparing for important competitions like marathons. They are happy to take a closer look at what you're eating.

Medical Support

Rest and regeneration are important components of any workout. Our medical experts keep a watchful eye on your training and flag possible physical issues, for example if your body shows signs of training to excess. They help you to understand your body and how it communicates, and assist you in addressing your physical needs.