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RUNBASE Opening 24 April

We believe that we must overcome boundaries in order to archieve our ultimate potential.

RUNBASE Vienna was created by combining the DNA of running and adidas. It's a holistic concept that allows you to personalise your training in a variety of areas:
running, nutrition, knowledge, equipment and physical health. This is a place of exchange and growth, inspired by a shared passion for running, sports and an active lifestyle. Located in the heart of Vienna, the RUNBASE location is an ideal point of intersection, providing a lively environment for athletes and active minds from all walks of life.

You are here for a reason.
Welcome on board.

Heart / Physical Health

Expert guidance, mentoring and coaching offered by the city's finest running personnel.

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Brain / Knowledge

Unique access to information by the leading experts in all relevant running fields.

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Premium offering of adidas running products and services.

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Energy / Nutrition

Nutrition is the fuel needed for unlocking human potential.

Muscle / Running

Expert guidance, mentoring and coaching offered by the city's finest running personnel.

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Your starting point for a healthy and balanced breakfast, lunch & whatever else you need to survive in the urban jungle.

  • Daily workouts, training plans & special sessions at our RUNBASE with the hottest coaches in the city.

  • Runs of various lengths and intensities led by a trainer, as well as running track recommendations that can be completed on your own.

  • Medical and physiotherapeutic services tailor-made for urban athletes – individual consultations and treatments by specialists.

  • Workshops & exciting special events with well-known running experts – a special offer for those who want to train smart and with passion.

You'll find everything
you need here

Showers, changing rooms & lockers

We have everything you need on site.

Running analyses

Have you been searching for the perfect running shoe? We can help you find the right solution to suit your needs.

Cool People

You want to meet like-minded people who likewise lead an active lifestyle? You’ve come to the right place.

it's sour

RUNBASE VIENNA has developed a holistic programme and brought together a wonderful team that is prepared to welcome you on board. Join in the fun!